The Spartans Soccer Club recognizes that a safe, welcoming, and inclusive sports system is vital for promoting diversity and equality. Every individual, regardless of their role in sports, should feel valued, heard, and respected. The club is committed to creating an environment where everyone can thrive and achieve their full potential. 

Vital Signs and Accomplishments: The Spartans Soccer Club is committed to being a diverse and inclusive organization that serves the communities in the NE quadrant of the city of Calgary. The club's logo symbolizes its commitment to diversity and inclusion, with its black and white colors. Over the years, the club has worked closely with various community organizations, cultural and religious groups, indigenous groups, and social workers to promote diversity and inclusivity. 

Participants in the Spartans Soccer Club & Academy program, including coaches, officials, volunteers, board members, and administrators, represent a diverse range of ethnicities, including African (35%), Asian & South Asian (35%), South American (20%), Indigenous (5%), and physically and mentally atypical (5%). The club values the participation of girls and women in soccer and has been successful in encouraging more girls to play soccer, particularly in the NE of Calgary, where traditional beliefs may discourage their participation in sports. 

In 2022, the Spartans Amazons won the GU13-AB Provincial Soccer Gold Medal, which is a testament to the club's commitment to excellence. The club is proud to have 25% female coaches and team managers, 40% female board members, and a female Director of Standards and Ethics. The Spartans Soccer Club will continue to work towards promoting diversity, inclusivity, and excellence in sports.


The Spartans Soccer Club & Academy is dedicated to providing a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for all participants. No matter your age, race, ethnic origin, gender identity or expression, disability, family or marital status, or background, you belong here. We are constantly learning and educating ourselves to ensure that everyone feels welcome, accepted, and respected. In sports, embracing diversity is crucial as it promotes a sense of togetherness among individuals from different backgrounds. It doesn't matter how you present yourself or where you come from when you play the game. We all share a common passion for the sport, and there is no division among us. Each individual is an essential part of the team. 

• Welcoming All – We aim to make everyone feel valued and welcome, regardless of whether they are employees, volunteers, participants, their families, or members of the community. We will strive to avoid exclusion at all costs. 

• Creating a Sense of Belonging – Creating a sense of belonging within a group, team, club, or community for all members is essential. 

• Inclusion – The Spartans Soccer Club & Academy welcomes all individuals by providing equal access to opportunities and resources. 

Diversity – It is important to have a diverse representation of staff, volunteers, and participants in terms of sex, gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, economic means, age, ability, education, and religion. 

• Equity – Removing barriers to soccer participation to open the opportunity to all individual participants. 

• Community – We are an inclusive family, united in our goals. 

• Accessibility – Creating modified programming to include people with all abilities and disabilities. 

• Communicate Effectively – This includes using inclusive language when communicating with colleagues, volunteers, players, and their families both verbally and in writing. 

The Spartans Soccer Club & Academy will evaluate their progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion regularly, with comprehensive annual reviews. All employees will receive training, and any discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated. 


As a part of the licensing process, The Spartans Soccer Club and Academy confirm with Canada Soccer that they are dedicated to providing an accessible, inclusive, and welcoming soccer environment for all participants. The Spartans Soccer Club and Academy value diversity and strive to ensure that everyone feels safe and belongs, regardless of their abilities or background. Additionally, the coaches are culturally sensitive, and the programs include culturally appropriate activities. 



The Spartans Soccer Programs, Partnerships and Mechanisms to reduce barriers to Participation. 

Kidsports for low-income families. 

Jumpstart for Low-income families. 

Calgary Flames Sport Bank for Free Sport Gears. 

Spartans Well Used Soccer Shoes Bank. 

Financial Donation.