Volunteers are the bedrock of the Spartans Soccer Club & Academy, with Volunteers relied upon to provide a fun, engaging and enriching experience for everyone involved. We believe in a diverse, inclusive and equal opportunity for all and in the development of not just our athletes but an outstanding youth that’ll fuel our community now and forever. As such all support whether presumed to be great or small are greatly welcome and appreciated. 

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the outstanding dedication, full commitment and support of the volunteers that ensure our children get opportunities to participate in the game. There are many opportunities for parents to volunteer with the Club and a technical knowledge is not required for most positions. In addition, most teams require volunteers who contribute at various levels to support the team activities. 

To be a volunteer of the club you must complete the following; Police Clearance, Making Ethical Decisions in Sports and Respect in Sports. These are key requirements to ensure that we are in compliance with the ethics and standards of the club, CMSA and Alberta Soccer. If you’re interested in any of these positions, reach out to a club official and please submit the Spartans volunteer form or contact us spartanfcainfo@gmail.com for information about a role you’re interested in.

Volunteer Rewards Program 

We are excited to introduce our first Volunteer Rewards Program available to the parents of children in our club. This program is to reward parents who dedicate quality time to their respective teams or club in general. Children of parents volunteering, will receive a $100 credit discounted on their registration fee per child. 

Eligible Roles include;

  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Team Manager
  • Team Coordinator/Treasurer
  • Developmental Program Coordinator
  • Club Admin
  • Goalkeeping Coach

Ineligible roles: Duties such as field marshal, bench mom, running lines, putting up nets etc., do a not qualify for the volunteer rewards program but rather are part of being helpful to the general benefit of the team.