The Spartan Soccer Club & Academy is an association that believes that every child deserves the opportunity to participate in the beautiful game of soccer. It provides your child with the opportunity the work with a UEFA “A” certified coach and get the training that would help them achieve their goals on and off the pitch. The name Spartans was chosen for the club because of their resilience. Not only were Spartans the most fearless warriors in ancient Greece but they were known for their athleticism, their courage, their self-discipline, and their hard work. That is something that we would like to associate our players and our club with. We would like our players to be independent, disciplined, hardworking, and with a strong will, just like the ancient Spartans were. Our colors are black and white because of the meanings that these colors have. Black represents self-control, discipline, independence, and a strong will. We want them to practice self-control and discipline when they are out not only on the pitch, but also in their lives outside of sport. We want to teach them independence so that they can make the right decisions wherever they are on their own.  A strong will can take someone very far, no matter what the circumstances or the adversity that they face is. An individual who has a strong will, fights hard for whatever they want to achieve in life. On the pitch, we want to teach our players to have a strong will and fight for every ball and every possession that they can, even when they fail, they’ll get back up and try again. Off the court, we want to make them individuals and members of the society, who do not give up, who work hard to achieve their goals, no matter what they might face. White is a color of protection and encouragement, one that offers a sense of peace and calm, comfort and hope. It creates a sense of order and efficiency. We want to create a community and a family where every player feels protected and encouraged to grow their soccer skill no matter their beginning level. An environment where everyone feels comfortable being themselves and have hope of better things ahead even when it is hard to see. We would like to teach our players to play the game with order and the greatest efficiency that they can manage. Off the pitch, we would like to see them bring the skills of order and efficiency into other parts of their 

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