Benson Nwachi
Director, Developmental Program

Who are you?

My name is Benson Nwachi and I’m the assistant coach for the Spartan Legends football team. I have been coaching the Spartan Legends since August of 2018. A defender who has spent time playing amateur football in Calgary and Vancouver’s divisions. I believe in tenacious intense football, with a foundation anchored on fundamentals and quick movement. In my spare time I enjoy watching football and studying tactics that will help improve our team’s game.

How did you get involved with soccer?

I started playing football since I was a little child in Nigeria, where we played with our bare feet and with balls as hard as rocks. I enjoyed watching Nigeria, England and Manchester United play and will emulate my then favourite player (David Beckham) while playing.  

What does being a Spartan mean to you?

A lot, it’s more than just sports. We are building future responsible citizens of Canada, who will be confident strong athletes, as well as, amazing, respectful and responsible citizens in our country. In Spartans we uphold strong values of respect, teamwork and fun and ensure these values are upheld in everyway.

What is your favourite soccer memory?

I don’t have one favourite memory, I have lots. Though a couple of recent ones are seeing England in a semi-final of a tournament and seeing Manchester United beat PSG in the champions league.

What is your favourite soccer club?

Manchester United

Who is your favourite soccer player?

Retired: David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic

Active: Ander Herrera

Who is your favourite soccer coach?

Guillaume Dikoume